Monday, March 2, 2009

The Wonderful World of Color

While there's something to be said for accurate rendition of color, I'm not here to say it. Nope, today I come to sing the praises of extravagant, preposterous color, especially that seen in hand-colored and tinted photographs. Sometimes the artist/photographer seems to have intended to achieve something realistic; other times they're just making an image that pops.

Did you notice that both these images have the same background?


  1. Nice. Subtle changes in the background due to color...and a rug change. Bookworthy. I could look at a hundred of these and be happy with each.
    Know anything at all about the studio or photographer?

  2. No, the studio and photographer are lost to history. Based on another photo found with these, I think they probably were made in Atlanta.

  3. Those are two great poses, aren't they? Both "formal" but at the same time, neither at all stiff. I'd liked to have met the one with the stogie. What great photos.