Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Brief Biography

An illustrated biography titled My MaMa, by Venus B. I assume this was a school assignment, with a teacher's suggested topic for each page, and a blank area to be filled in by the author, and room for the illustration. Venus does a great job of portraying her mother in six pages, wouldn't you agree?

Page 1

My MaMa's name is Narona.

She is very pretty.

Page 2

She likes to shop.

Page 3

This summer she plans to shop also.

Page 4

Mama also likes to fix her hair.

Page 5

My Mama likes to wear shoes.

Page 6

Sometimes she gets too many clothes.


  1. Thanks! I keep this book shelved with my collector books.

  2. I especially like the row of dresses.

  3. Me, too, Maureen, partly for the color and repetition, but especially the child's perspective of a walk-in closet. Thanks.