Thursday, March 19, 2009


Keeping a blog, and reading those of others, is interesting both for what is revealed and what is concealed. I suppose that we're all practicing some form of self-portraiture. Thinking about that today reminded me of a real photo postcard in my collection that has a single scrawled word on it, "Me." I bought it for two reasons: first, for that lonely, concise and assertive inscription, and second, because it's a portrait of the photographer himself, who, for once, has stepped around in front of the camera. Leaning against his leg is a large case, and against it, a film holder with the word Exposed clearly visible.


  1. Hi, John Foster here from Accidental Mysteries. I have been really enjoying your site.... it's smart and well-written. Keep it up!


  2. That's a high compliment, John, in that Accidental Mysteries sets the standard, and is my wife's favorite blog! Thanks for your support.

  3. Careful with your compliments John. Having seen just the surface of Robert's photo collection, I knew if he started posting, he'd blow us all out of the water.