Monday, April 5, 2010

Number of the Beast

La Tour d'Argent, a restaurant in Paris, has been serving meals for nearly 400 years. Duck is the specialty of the house, and the restaurant raises its own birds. In fact, each of them is assigned a serial number, and a record is maintained of who ate it and when. Diners are given a souvenir postcard showing "The number of your duck," 122,701 in the case of this card. According to the New York Times, the one millionth duck was consumed in 2003. The duck dishes (pour deux personnes) currently are priced at 130 euro, and one comes with souffleed potatoes, but wine is of course extra.


  1. So, we're all going there after Harry's Bar -- I will gladly pay for the the wine!

  2. Reservations confirmed. Your friend Mr. Hemingway dined here, too. Papa knew where to eat.

  3. Perfect -- a Hemingway food tour!