Monday, December 28, 2009

Recking the Building

Kevin over at the Candler Arts blog posted a fine drawing by one of the great Southern self-taught artists, Dilmus Hall of Athens, Georgia. It illustrates the Bible story of Samson destroying a huge temple, several thousand Philistines and himself in one great burst of vengeance. Seeing that version made me dig around and find another version of the same subject, titled Sampson Recking the Building. For some reason I remembered the title as "Rocking the Building." I like both. A lot of self-taught artists made variations on a theme, but you rarely get to see them side-by-side. I notice that in Kevin's version, Samson's face is showing, he is much more muscular, and is barefoot. In the one here, his face is hidden and he's wearing dress shoes. The radiant energy of Samson's strength is much the same in both.


  1. Wow, how very interesting to look at them both at the same time. Thanks!

  2. Great idea to show two versions of the same subject by a great artist. They're both strong.