Friday, December 4, 2009

Fish Lure Effigy

Folk Art Fish Lure
Purchased from a Black man at a catfish pond.
Central Georgia
c. 1985

This one was among 30 or so homemade lures in his tackle box. The maker utilized carved wood, feathers, the shaft of Bic pens, paint, beads - most anything at hand. Did they catch fish? I don't know, but it caught me.


  1. my father once had a friend who swore by his Yaller Worm lures...something about being yaller caught the fishes...i just liked when he said Yaller.

  2. It's a good word - you can hear a fisherman saying it - and "yellow" is a little too refined for fishing. I have a friend who calls a a mudhole a "waller," and it lights me up when he says it.

  3. Did it catch FISH! Dude, that critter has more fish DNA on it than Mrs. Paul.