Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If the Angel Gabriel Had a Truck....

Here's another unusual vehicle. This one was found while riding around Atlanta's west side a few years ago, with a friend to whom providence delivers such discoveries.

The fellows at this small garage had built a truck as the ultimate sonic platform. As you see, there are two big air compressors in the back to power an aggregation of mega-horns and whistles that you could only get at a Navy surplus sale. And in case that's not loud enough, a big bronze bell in front.

Imagine having this near a super-loud car thumping in traffic. It would be like brushing off a fly.


  1. This truck belonged to a horn and whistle collector named Milo Novak. It's collection was stripped off in the 1990's to become the "Big Horn" parade float of Hyler Bracey.

  2. Milo Novak was my friend's dad. He owned a business in Detroit and was a real character. His horn truck was a parade favorite throughout Michigan. He also had a powerful PA system on it and would warn bystanders before he sounded the horn (and MAN was it loud!). It's my understanding that he eventually advertised it for sale in a magazine, Bracey bought it and took it down south. It's great to see that his horn and memory live on.