Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eclipse Effects

With all the excitement over the solar eclipse in Asia, I dug out these old photos I took during an eclipse that was visible here in Atlanta. This must have been in July of 1991, and I don't think it was a total eclipse here. If you enlarge the first picture, you can see a little bit of the eclipse as an effect of the lens. The others are pictures of what happened to the shadows of leaves and branches on my friend Marla's white concrete driveway. I don't know the reason why these shadows look the way they do, but it was impressive, to say the least. And I thought they made pretty neat abstract images.


  1. I think it has something to do if the same effect you get with pinhole photography. Can't explain that either, but that's my guess.

  2. I think you're exactly right that it's the same principle as in pinhole photography. I'm guessing the little spaces between leaves served as the pinhole, and thousands of little eclipses were projected. That last picture reminds me of those taken with electron microscopes.