Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dairy Deluxe

A large sculpture of the ideal Holstein-Friesian dairy cow by the Japanese-American artist Gozo Kawamura, 1923.


  1. "Hey, you work out?"

    Okay, if you've never seen the commercial this makes NO sense at all. I on the other hand have seen the commercial and have been known to roll down my car window and yell at cows. It does get their attention.

    This little lady is packin'.

  2. Yes indeed. Dairy Queen? Named after her.

  3. oh i love her - her eye is true and honest and her udder is full of hope.

    i want her to live with me!

  4. and on a completely different note -- Dairy Queen was my most favorite burger hangout in Westport, CT when I was a kid -- and now its gone, replaced by a hot dog stand of lower esteem. BUT it is across the street from the still existing pizza parlor that T.S. Dogfish worked in as a teenager! So there, there's your Dairy Queen minutea for now.

  5. I wonder how other cows would react if you put her in a field full of cattle.

  6. My assumed character, Ferdinand the Bull, thinks she's totally hot.

    I expect the other girls might be a little snippy.