Monday, March 8, 2010

Are You Going to Skip Tomorrow?

A note found near a playground in the 1980s. It occurs to me that in the age of texting and such, this is an historical artifact.

Are you going to skip tommorow?

No cause we are getting our pictures taken but I am Thursday

Why we already did

I know but I like to get my picture taken. I'll cut ___ tomorrow.


  1. This makes me think back to typing class in high school. The typing book was to the right of the typewriter next to the wall, next to the window. For a full year I carried on a nearly daily conversation with a total stranger who sat at that desk sometime during the day. Each day I'd pull the book back to see what message they'd written on top of the desk under the book, then I'd respond to what they'd written, they'd do the same. Only when the janitor decided to clean the desk did we lose everything. Probably a good thing or we'd have soon run out of space. I never found out who the other person was. I'd completely forgotten about it until seeing this note.

  2. Hey -- that's my note! Give it back!

  3. I want that book!

    The note is yours for the asking, S.

  4. Hey Robert, you know I collect these. will you sell me this note? kim

  5. we'll set up a neutral trading location!

  6. I bet the blank is "Lib," for library, historically one of the most skipped classes.