Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stitched Together Leather

You know, sometimes a group of vaguely related things or images turns up at the same time, more or less, and there you have....well, something - a blog post, at least. These are all somehow related to leather.

First, a collection of ice skates being offered at auction. I've always admired skate blades and fittings.
Then an antique real photo postcard of the interior of a tack and saddle shop. See the big heavy duty stitching machine in front?
And last a digitally printed Pantone leather chair that was exhibited at a trade show but is not yet in production.


  1. The skates are fascinating.
    As for the chair, it seems that Pantone colors are very hip right now. You can get Pantone coffe mugs and Pantone t-shirts and no one will be able to find you in your Pantone chair.

  2. I love the ice skates...this cold weather has brought back memories of skating on ponds and creeks in CT when I was a kid, but of course our skates didn't look as fantastic as those!