Wednesday, August 19, 2009

See the USA

Road trip!! This early motor home or RV, as they're now called, was on a mission to travel from Garden Spot, Pennsylvania to Garden Spot, California. The family printed a number of these real photo postcards to send to friends as they traveled. This one was sent from Indianapolis on the return journey. See the note at the top: "We have to make so many detours, and sometimes get lost for a while."


  1. I bet it was unique and wonderful inside. Unlike today's motorhomes, you would have still had a feeling of camping when you stopped for the night.

    I saw Steinbeck's truck and handmade camper shell at the Steinbeck Center a couple years ago that was featured in "Travels With Charley". It was wonderful.

  2. Volkner Mobile makes a motorhome so big it carries a compact car underneath. Some have marble floors. They cost over a million dollars.

  3. I've been in some of these behemoths. Some look like Vegas on wheels, all glitz and tacky. But I was in one a few years ago that had the most beautiful woodwork inside. It looked like the interior of an old cruise liner from the 20s. It was stunning. But these thing are so huge you can only park them in the parks that are all paved. No going into state campgrounds and actually being with nature. It's all very chi chi, golf slacks, and women with a lot of make-up and jewelry. But the craftsmanship in some of them is really beautiful. Others, make you roll your eyes when you see the fabric that's been chosen. Your vinyl pillow would fit in really nicely.

    It would be fun to find out whatever became of the one in this photo.