Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artful Enterprise

Photos While-U-Wait, Shooting Gallery, Budweiser On Tap and Sandwiches. It's like Homer Simpson's favorite business ever.

But I'm an art lover, so what I see is like Walker Evans took this picture and mailed it to Edward Hopper for the scene just past the swinging half-doors, and he mailed it to Jasper Johns for the neon target over the door, and he mailed it to Warhol for the photobooth snaps, and then Chris Burden shows up to get shot, literally. Plus beer and sandwiches.

Eh, I get carried away. But I think it's a crazy concept, The Barn.


  1. Come on in and shoot. Oh, and three times the Budweiser. It's America!

  2. Wow! They had leaping lions to shoot! No phony over the top advertising there. Great shot. Through those swinging doors a world of wonder.

  3. How better to relax than with continual gunfire?

  4. And nothing goes better in a confined space than guns and alcohol!