Thursday, February 19, 2009

Animated Neon Sign

Yesterday's post of the bar mural got me to thinking about signage, and I have to share one of my all-time favorites. This sign in Memphis, TN is nominated in the category of animated neon signage, and features the walking man's busy legs, the whirling blades and flying grass clippings. The little forties cottage is a cherry on top. This picture may have been taken by my friend, the artist John Baeder. In addition to his body of work relating to diners and the glories of the American roadside, John has amassed an incredible archive of photographs of signs, a small part of which is included in his book Sign Language. If we're lucky he'll publish another volume. Dozens that he's sent to me are mixed up in my own modest accumulation.

As a child I was greatly impressed by a similar sign for Gordon's potato chips, with spinning wheels under a little panel delivery truck and a moving highway beneath it. Another memorable one was the Robin Hood Motel on US 41, in which the famous bandit drew his bow and fired an arrow.

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