Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Feather in Your Cap, A Feather in Your Nest

The impulse to collect things is one of the most agreeable things about people. Of course, I would say that, since I make my living providing them with the objects of their desire. The reasons they accumulate what they do, and the strategies they use, and how they define what they're after is always interesting to me. And the variety is pretty much endless. It occurs to me now that most of the blogs I enjoy are maintained by collectors, or artists, or both.

One of the smartest people I know, in the long course of writing a dissertation about Native American imagery in the modern art of Germany, found some relief in collecting images that were sort of tangentially related to her topic. She started acquiring pictures of non-native Americans dressing themselves in costume, and eventually assembled a neat little collection. She graciously agreed to let me share a few of her prizes here.

The picture below is the scholar/collector herself. And below that, your correspondent, striking his usual contrarian pose.


  1. The one of the two women and the child in the ferns is fantastic.

  2. Great. Especially young Tex sitting on the can.
    I really do have to read that dissertation.

  3. I'm sure she'd be happy for you to do that.

    And M, she's a VCU grad, too.

  4. We're everywhere, you should the number of people I've connected with on the dreaded Facebook.

  5. What Robert didn't mention is that he found most, if not all, of the best images in my collection. On birthdays and other special occasions he continues to offer wonderful additions to my little group of faux Indians (and lone cowboy and his barrel riding brother).

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