Thursday, June 4, 2009

Begging the Question

Since a theme seems to be developing here of looking at something and simply asking Why?, here's a snapshot that just begs the question.

(I bugged my friend Pat to sell me this image for more than a year. He refused. Then one day he simply gave it to me. Thanks, Pat.)


  1. Okay, I'll ask it...Why?

    Stubby little legs in stubby little shoes with crooked seams. Person with a foot and stocking fetish? Or were they fiddling with their camera and accidently took this which meant they'd then get a print of it simply because it was on the roll? The really deep question is why did they keep it and why did you want it?

    And my thought is thank god seamed stockings went out of fashion!!

  2. The reason I wanted it is the utter absurdity of it, which amused me. I'm also partial to "portraits" where the face isn't shown.

  3. Actually, the composition is nice, but I imagine someone deciding to play a prank on Grannie and taking it as a joke.

    Or, since one leg is fuller than the other, perhaps it was to document a medical condition?

  4. Yes, the absurd are fun to collect and share. The mystery woman in the white pumps.

  5. Yep, I wondered whether the photo might have been documentary, made so the subject could see something better.