Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy Night in Georgia

You may have heard that we've been getting a little rain here in Atlanta. As in an historic deluge. I live near the Chattahoochee River, and flood level is 14 feet. Last night it crested at 28.1 feet. So there are hundreds of roads and bridges closed this morning, including the nearby section of I-285, the perimeter highway around the city.

Below is a shot of that expressway, less than a mile from my house, and below that is your correspondent taking advantage of a break in the rain to ride my bike on it, during rush hour.

They say more rain is on the way.


  1. Jeez, stay safe....and keep the antiques and photographs up high!

  2. Believe me, we were making plans to move everything! Looks like things are improving now, but it has been scary.

  3. Robert, bikes can use the HOV lane. Seriously, I hope your home is not flooded. So many of our friends are describing their flooding woes on Facebook. A colleague of my wife's said he spent eight hours bailing out his basement. Then it flooded again. It's terrible.

  4. Do they build houses with sump pumps down there?
    mine has one, and it's still pumping 6 months after OUR "once in a lifetime" rain. I LOVE seeing you move faster than the fedex truck parked on the road above. be safe.

  5. The problem with a pump is that it needs electricity and a dry place to pump the water to, and many, many folks had neither.